Zu sehen ist rechtsseitig die Rückseite der geöffneten Hautfarben Wachsmalstifte Verpackung aus der Wachsmalstifte heraus gucken.

Wax crayons for everyone

Diversity for the youngest: With our 8 Skin Tones wax crayons, children are invited to discover the power of diversity and draw their friends and family in the way they really look.

We all look different – and that is a good thing. Our sustainable wax crayons feature a unique, representative spectrum of skin tones that we developed with experts and anti-racist activists.

What our crayons stand for


With our wax crayons in 8 skin tones, we contribute to diversity-conscious childhood education and thus support important changes towards an open, prejudice-free society free of racism and discrimination.

Digitale Illustration auf dem ein Tisch zu sehen ist. An dem Tisch sitzen zwei Kinder und eine erwachsene Person. Alle malen mit Stiften auf Papier.
Ein Kind im Rollstuhl mit erwachsener Person daneben als digitale Illustration. Außerdem drei Personen die ein Schild hoch halten. Auf dem Schild steht "Equal Rights!".


All profits from the sale of Hautfarben crayons are fully invested in non-profit and inclusive projects for diversity, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence. Therefore, every purchase helps sustainably fight discrimination and racism.

Fair working conditions

The selection of our production partners is a process to which we dedicate a lot of time to ensure that our social sustainability criteria is met: we value production at certified locations in Europe and good working conditions for employees.

Digitale Illustration. Links sitzt eine Person vor einem Bildschirm und telefoniert. Rechts sieht man eine Person die ein Paket verpackt.
Digitale Illustration von einem Menschen mit Klemmbrett, einer Weltkugel, Paketen und einem Stecker mit Blumen.

Environmentally friendly production

We make sure that our supply chains are carbon-neutral and have no negative consequences for the environment and biodiversity. Hautfarben products are produced using 100% green energy. Additionally, all our products are vegan, meaning no animals are harmed in the production process. 

Sustainable materials

Our wax crayons are made exclusively from sustainable materials that are especially suitable for children. Their safety and sustainability are confirmed by the CE seal. The wax crayons are wrapped in environmentally friendly paper. It is biodegradable and protects fingers while coloring. The packaging is printed on environmentally friendly natural cardboard.

Bäume, Holzstämme und ein Mädchen mit Hautfarben-Wachsmalstiften in einer digitalen Illustration.


"Give me the “skin tone crayon.” Many parents have been reaching for the pink crayon here for too long. That's a problem because people in our society aren't pink. Racism and discrimination start with language. 

At the end of 2016, together with a friend, Malte decided to do something about the monotony in the crayon boxes and the stereotypes in raising children. The result was a set of colored pencils in 12 different, representative skin tones. With this, children can finally paint themselves and their friends as they really look. The message behind it: skin tone is not the same as pink! Each of us is unique and that's a good thing.

We started with the pencil set. The Skin Tones wax crayons followed a little later. These have the advantage that they are also suitable for smaller children from the age of 3, who can use them to paint two-dimensionally without high motor requirements.  

In this way, the Skin Tones wax crayons help to create many wonderful portraits at an early age, on which children can finally paint themselves, their family and their friends as they really look. The message behind it is clear: Skin tone ≠ Pink! Each one of us is unique, and that is a good thing.

The education of our children influences not only their lives, but also the future of our society. Non-discriminatory education is essential in this regard, but why actually? Here are a few reasons:

1. Building healthy self-esteem: children who are raised without discrimination build healthy self-esteem. They recognize that they are unique and valuable just the way they are.

2. Developing empathy: Children who value the diversity of people around them develop stronger empathic skills. They learn to empathize with others and understand their perspectives.

3. Strengthening social skills: When children understand that differences are normal and valuable, they are better able to interact with people from different backgrounds and worldviews. They also learn to resolve conflicts and compromise.

4. Building a just society: non-discriminatory education is a step towards a more just society. It teaches children that everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities. Children are the adults of tomorrow who will shape the future.

Now you may be asking yourself: how can I contribute to discrimination-free education? Talk to children openly and vividly about the value of diversity. With Skin Tones crayons, we offer a simple but powerful way to teach these lessons. Our crayons in 8 representative skin tones help children discover the value of diversity through play and understand that everyone is unique and valuable

Together with diversity experts and artists, we have selected 8 shades with which different skin tones can be drawn as realistically as possible. Of course, 8 shades alone can never represent the full range of human skin tones. However: Through skillful combination and mixing, our color selection enables the drawing of a large and realistic skin tone spectrum.

In addition, through the use of different skin colors, an unconscious reflection process on the everyday diversity of people and faces begins even with smaller children. Our wax crayons are therefore recommended by artists and educators!

There are a few things to consider when sharpening wax crayons. First of all, it is important to use a sharpener that is suitable for the size of the crayon. A sharpener with too small or too large a hole can damage the tip or break the pencil.

Also, when sharpening, make sure to turn the wax crayon carefully and evenly to get a smooth and desired tip. Avoid putting too much pressure on the pencil to avoid breakage or cracking.

In addition, it is important to clean the sharpener regularly to prevent clogging and to ensure that the tip of the wax crayon remains clean and ready for use. The best way to do this is to use a lint-free cloth or cotton swab.

The Skin Tones wax crayons are the perfect choice for toddlers for many reasons. Here are some of the main benefits that make them an essential item in any child's room:

• Safety First: Hautfarben's wax crayons are non-toxic, making them safe for little hands. Natural ingredients are used without exception, which, even if put in the mouth, will not cause any harm.

• Robust texture: unlike pencils or markers, wax crayons are more robust and can withstand the pressure that small children's hands can exert. This reduces the risk of breakage or sharp edges.

• Easy to use: With their thick shape, wax crayons fit well in small hands, promoting motor skills and coordination.

• Easy removal: Another plus of wax crayons is that they are usually easy to remove from walls and furniture - a boon for parents familiar with their toddlers' artistic ambitions.

• Promotes development and creativity: painting with wax crayons not only supports fine motor skills, but also promotes cognitive understanding of colors, shapes and spatial relationships, as well as the ability to express oneself creatively.

Overall, wax crayons are an excellent tool for developing young children's creative and motor skills in a safe and fun environment. They are easy to use, safe, and provide hours of coloring and drawing fun. We think every child should have the opportunity to discover the joy of creative expression through wax crayons.

Wax crayons in early childhood education

Wax crayons have been a proven and popular tool for children and adults alike for many years. Painting and drawing with them can enhance creative skills and sharpen the senses. But did you know that wax crayons can also play an important role in diversity and tolerance?

Our wax crayons for skin tones have gained importance in recent years. They help parents, educators, and pedagogues provide more representation in education and break down stereotypes. Because the lone pink skin tone crayon from traditional wax crayon sets doesn't live up to its name. With the Skin Tones wax crayons, we are focusing on the youngest in our society. The crayons are available in different skin tones to help children discover the value of diversity for themselves through play.

Children are born without prejudices. However, in order to prevent stereotypes from being learned early and unconsciously, education and sensitization by us as parents, educators:in or caregivers play a major role. The discrimination-free education and upbringing of a new generation is an opportunity for change. Step by step we make an important contribution on the way to a more open, prejudice-free society.

Wax crayons are not only a fun toy, but also a valuable educational tool. By using wax crayons, children can develop their creativity and improve their cognitive skills. By drawing and coloring, they can improve their hand-eye coordination, train their fine motor skills and sharpen their visual perception. Wax crayons give children the opportunity to let their imagination run wild and explore the world around them in a creative way. Using wax crayons can become an important part of children's cognitive development and well-being. Our special wax crayons in 8 skin tones help build children's self-esteem and appreciation for being "different".

Auf dem Foto sind zwei Kinderhände zu sehen. Die rechte Hand malt mit einem Hautfarben-Wachsmalstift ein Gesicht.

What makes wax crayons the perfect tool

For decades, wax crayons have delighted young and old with their diverse range of applications. They are available in a variety of colors and can be used on almost any surface, from paper to glass to wood. That's why no artist's toolbox should be without them.

Wax, color pigments and other fillers are usually used in their production. The wax portion melts when applied to the surface, releasing the color pigments that transfer to the surface. The interaction of wax and color pigments results in a particularly homogeneous and finely dosed color release that is easy to blend and smudge. With their child-friendly shape and material composition, wax crayons are particularly safe and easy to use. They are non-toxic and easy to hold, making them a great option for adolescents who are still developing their fine motor skills. In addition, they can be easily sharpened when they become dull, making them long-lasting.

In conclusion, wax crayons are an incredibly versatile and useful medium that can be used in many ways. Whether it's creating an art project, doing homework, or just coloring for fun, they are an essential tool for anyone to be creative. Whether you're an amateur artist or a professional, the Skin Tones wax crayons are an essential addition to any creative workspace.