Die Produkte von Hautfarben sind sinnvolle Weihnachtsgeschenke für Kinder.

Meaningful Christmas gifts for children

Discover creative and meaningful Christmas gift ideas that not only bring joy, but also stand for diversity and solidarity. Our skin color products are the perfect gifts to make children's eyes light up and convey an important message at the same time.

Unsere Geschenke für Kinder sind auch zu Weihnachten eine gute Wahl.

The most popular gift sets for children

Our sets are perfect Christmas gifts for children. They will make children's eyes light up and convey an important message of diversity and charity. At the same time, you save compared to the individual price.

Auf dem Foto sieht man eine weiße Tischplatte. Darauf sind Malbücher, Stifte und eine Verpackung der Hautfarben-Wachsmaler zu sehen. Außerdem ein bunter Holzregenbogen.
Do something good with this Christmas gift

A future without discrimination starts with raising children. With the skin color products as a Christmas gift, you enable children to discover the value of diversity for themselves and learn that everyone is unique and beautiful. In this way, you are helping to raise the new generation to be diversity-conscious without passing on stereotypes.

Your purchase does two good things at once: you give a child a meaningful gift and support projects against racism and discrimination. Because we pass on all profits from the sale of our products to charitable projects. For a fairer future!

Our mission for social impact

  1. We promote anti-racist education through products that work towards prejudice-free thinking in early childhood education.
  2. We create awareness of the value of diversity and the need to resolutely counter discrimination and everyday racism.
  3. We support charitable and integrative projects for social cohesion, tolerance and exchange.


Christmas is just around the corner and the search for the perfect gift begins. Colored pencils have always been a favorite on many wish lists and for good reason! Here are some reasons why colored pencils - especially our skin-tone colored pencils - make an ideal Christmas gift:

Encourage creativity: colored pencils stimulate the imagination and allow children to put their creative ideas on paper.

Versatile and durable: They are not just for drawing, but also for sketching, hatching and much more. With good care, they can be used for years to come.

Education and awareness: Our skin-tone pencils are not only colorful, but also promote the joy of diversity. With a wide range of skin tones, they enable children to depict the world and the people in it as diverse as they really look.

Eco-friendly: Our pencils (as well as our wax crayons, coloring books and puzzles) are made from 100% sustainable materials, making them an eco-friendly gift option.

For all ages: Whether for school children, preschoolers or even adults, colored pencils are a timeless gift that will appeal to all ages.

In summary, colored pencils are not only a tool for artistic expression, but also a means to promote education, diversity and sustainable awareness. Our skin-tone colored pencils make a special statement. During the festive season, it is a gift that appeals to both the heart and the mind.

Yes, Christmas is not just about presents and good food. Charity is what gives the holiday its special meaning. It means accepting and loving everyone for who they are. In a world with so many different people, cultures and ways of life, openness and a love of diversity are perhaps the most important qualities for peaceful coexistence.

And this is exactly where our Skin Tones pencils come into play. They make a great gift because they show children that people are all special and valuable in their diversity. So if you're looking for a gift that's fun and sends an important message at the same time, our Skin Tone pencils and crayons are just the thing. Let's celebrate diversity this Christmas - with a simple but meaningful gift!

Sustainable giving - how does it work?

At a time when awareness of the environment and social cohesion is growing, more and more people want to give sustainable gifts. But how do you ensure that a gift is good for both the environment and society?

Our products meet the highest standards along important criteria for environmental and social sustainability:


Our pencils are not just a simple writing utensil. They set an example for diversity and cohesion. With 12 skin tones, they show that everyone is equally valuable and promote diversity-conscious education for children. The goal? A society without prejudice, racism and discrimination.

Digitale Illustration auf dem ein Tisch zu sehen ist. An dem Tisch sitzen zwei Kinder und eine erwachsene Person. Alle Malen mit Stiften auf Papier.
Ein Kind im Rollstuhl mit erwachsener Person daneben als digitale Illustration. Außerdem drei Personen die ein Schild hoch halten. Auf dem Schild steht "Equal Rights!".


Doing good with every purchase! When you buy our products, you not only support the idea of diversity, but also specific projects. All surpluses from the sale of colored pencils support charitable projects that promote tolerance, diversity and peaceful coexistence.

Fair working conditions

A product is only as good as the people behind it. That is why it is important to us that all our products are manufactured under fair conditions. Our partners produce at certified locations in Europe and guarantee good working conditions for everyone involved.

Zu sehen ist links eine Person vor einem Bildschirm und telefoniert. Rechts sieht man eine Person die ein Paket verpackt. Es handelt sich um eine digitale Illustration.
Digitale Illustration von einem Menschen mit Klemmbrett, einer Weltkugel, Paketen und einem Stecker mit Blumen.

Environmentally friendly production

A gift for tomorrow's generation should also respect tomorrow's environment. Our pencils are therefore produced with 100% green electricity and are completely vegan. This keeps our planet healthy and livable for everyone.

Sustainable materials

Sustainability does not end with production. Our colored pencils are made from PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests. And we also think green when it comes to packaging: environmentally friendly natural cardboard that is just as sustainable as the contents.

Bäume, Holzstämme und ein Mädchen mit Stiften in einer digitalen Illustration.
Das Foto zeigt zwei Kinder an einem Schreibtisch. Beide malen mit den Hautfarben Buntstiften in ein Hautfarben Malbuch für alle.

Creative gift ideas for schoolchildren and preschoolers

The Christmas season is approaching and with it the challenge of finding the perfect gift for our youngest family members. Creativity is particularly popular with schoolchildren and preschoolers. Would you like to not only give the gift of joy, but also make a meaningful contribution to non-discriminatory education? We have just the thing for you!

The world in its boundless diversity

Children are curious and open by nature. Their childlike imagination knows no bounds. With the Skin Tones crayons, we offer a way to do justice to this creativity. This set of 12 different, representative skin tones allows children to draw themselves and their friends as they really look. The underlying message is that each of us is unique and that should be celebrated in every piece of art!

Other meaningful gift ideas

In addition to the Skin Tones pencils, we have developed other products that inspire schoolchildren and preschoolers and at the same time contribute to diversity-conscious education. Our Skin Tones wax crayons also show a spectrum of skin tones and are ideal for younger artists. Our "Coloring book for everyone" encourages reflection and introduces children to the diversity of our society in a playful way.

Another highlight is the "Puzzle for Diversity", which we developed together with Ravensburger. It opens up a colorful world of differences and similarities for children and invites them to explore our diverse society through play.

Gifts with deeper meaning

Meaningful gifts such as coloring books, pencils or puzzles bring fun and contribute to creative education. But our Skin Tones products not only encourage your child's creative streak, they also convey values such as tolerance, openness and diversity. They are Christmas gift ideas that bring joy and at the same time contribute to a more open, unprejudiced society.

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas or especially meaningful Christmas gifts for children that are both entertaining and educational, our Skin Tones products are the perfect choice. Give the gift of creativity, joy and an important message!