Customized Skin Tones products
for your company

Set an example for diversity and equality! With the customized edition of Skin Tones pencils, you can convincingly present your commitment against racism and discrimination to employees, customers and business partners.

How can I customize Skin Tones products?

Every organization has its own history and its own values. Our customized edition allows you to immortalize your diversity statement on the Skin Tones products and thus send your individual message for equality and against discrimination to the world.

Customization options

Company logo: Elegantly placed on the front and/or back.

Own slogan: Refined with our loving skin color font.

Claim or subtitle: Prominently positioned on the front.

Individual text: Your statement for diversity? Finds its place on the back!

QR code integration: Direct interested parties to your diversity website.

Website URL: Discreetly on the back to find out more about your commitment.

Our pencils are more than just a writing tool - they are a commitment to diversity and equality. With the customized dition, this statement is even more tailored to your company.

The personalized edition is perfect for your employer branding and at the same time shows your commitment to diversity and cohesion.

Your purchase does good

With your order you not only send an important message, but also support a good cause: 100% of the surplus from sales goes to charitable projects that promote diversity, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Digitale Grafik eines blauen Briefumschlags der geöffnet ist. Aus dem Briefumschlag schaut ein Brief heraus.

What happens next?

  1. Show interest: Simply send us an email to with your wishes and ideas.
  2. Joint planning: We will contact you and discuss the design and implementation options together.
  3. Receive an offer: Based on your wishes and the desired quantity, we will create an individual offer.
  4. Production & delivery: Once the offer and designs have been confirmed, we start production. Soon after, you will receive your personalized Skin Tones products.

Let's work together to create a product that reflects your values while making an important contribution to society.

What the Skin Tones pencils stand for


With our products, we contribute to diversity-conscious childhood education and support important changes toward an open, unbiased society, free from racism and discrimination.

Eine Illustration zeigt zwei Menschengruppen als Buntstifte-Zeichnung. Eine Gruppe hält ein Banner mit der Aufschrift "Equal Rights".


All profits from the sale of Hautfarben products are fully invested in non-profit and inclusive projects for diversity, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence. Therefore, every purchase helps sustainably fight discrimination and racism.

Fair working conditions

The selection of our production partners is a process to which we dedicate a lot of time to ensure that our social sustainability criteria is met: we value production at certified locations in Europe and good working conditions for employees.

Eine Illustration zeigt zwei Personen bei der Arbeit. Eine Person sitz am Computer. Die andere Person verpackt Buntstifte.
Eine Illustration zeigt einen Arbeiter, der mit einem Buntstift Notizen macht. Neben ihm ist eine Erdkugel und Stecker als Buntstiftzeichnung.

Environmentally friendly production

We make sure that our supply chains are carbon-neutral and have no negative consequences for the environment and biodiversity. Hautfarben products are produced using 100% green energy. Additionally, all our products are vegan, meaning no animals are harmed in the production process.

Sustainable materials

Our products are made exclusively from sustainable materials suitable for children. Our pencils are made from PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests. The coloring book, puzzle, and packaging are printed on environmentally friendly natural cardboard.

Eine Illustration zeigt ein Mädchen, welches mit Buntstiften malt. Im Hintergrund ist ein Wald und ein Holzstapel als Buntstiftzeichnung.