Sticker set "Stickers for everyone"

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"Stickers for all" - The first activist children's sticker set

Lovingly designed motifs convey the message for diversity and against discrimination in a clear and child-friendly way.

With the "Stickers for everyone" set, children discover the beautiful diversity of our world and at the same time learn that equality and empowerment are values worth fighting for. Each sheet tells a unique story and gives young people the opportunity to engage with important social challenges and activist goals.

"Stickers for All" is the world's first activist children's sticker set and has been recognized as a child-friendly learning tool for diversity, anti-discrimination, anti-racism, inclusion, empowerment and equality.

Product information

✓ Four sheets in A5 format with a total of 35 high-quality children's stickers

✓ The world's first activist children's sticker set for diversity and empowerment

✓ Each sticker sheet is dedicated to a special topic: Kids, Black Lives Always Matter, Equality and Keep on Fighting

✓ Perfect for pencil cases, fridges, cribs and much more

✓ Made from 100% sustainable materials and under fair working conditions in Germany

Details about the stickers

  • Sheet "Kids" – children of different origins, skin colors and abilities, surrounded by adorable animals and symbols of our diverse world.
  • Sheet "Black Lives Always Matter" – Child-friendly motifs and slogans from the "Black Lives Matter" movement that emphasize shared strength and empowerment.
  • Sheet "Equality" – Stickers that deal with female empowerment, equal rights for people with and without disabilities, skin color and gender identity.
  • Sheet "Keep on Fighting" – motifs from international movements for equal rights and anti-discrimination, focusing on intersectionality and the empowerment of minorities.

Our stickers help children to grow up without prejudice, to take on social responsibility and to work for a fair world without discrimination and racism.

Your purchase does good!

Because 100% of the surplus from the sale of this product goes to charitable projects for diversity, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.