Hautfarben Buntstifte Set 5 Stück als Geschenk zur Einschulung mit umweltfreundlicher Verpackung
12 verschiedene Hautfarben Buntstifte für Kinder schauen aus Verpackung raus
Stapel Hautfarben Buntstifte Sets für Kinder mit einer offenen Verpackung aus der Stifte heraus gucken
Vorderseite der geschlossenen Packung Hautfarben Buntstifte für alle mit 12 Stiften
Vorderseite und Rückseite der geschlossenen Packung Hautfarben Buntstifte für alle mit 12 verschiedenen Hautfarben Tönen

School set Hautfarben-Buntstifte (German)

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School set “Buntstifte für alle” by Hautfarben 

Colored pencils from sustainable raw materials in 12 different skin tones for diversity-conscious early childhood education.

We all look different – and that is a good thing. Stereotypes and discrimination are the inventions of grown-ups. Children paint the world as they see it. Let’s support our children and allow them to discover the power of diversity. With our 12 Skin Tones pencils, children are invited to draw their friends and family in the way they really look.

Product information

✓ High-quality colored pencils in ergonomic hexagonal shape

✓ Wood from sustainably managed forests, PEFC certified

✓ Soft, non-slip surface and high break-resistance

✓ Suitable for children aged 3 years and older

✓ Packaging made of recycled cardboard

✓ Made in Germany under fair working conditions

Do good & support diversity: 100% of all proceeds from the sale of this product go to certified charitable projects preventing racism and discrimination.