Spielköpfe Erfinderinnen Memo (German)

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Who actually invented the parachute?

Get to know Käthe Paulus and 23 other female inventors and their inventions!

On one card is the invention, on another the female inventor - can you find out which female inventor belongs to which invention?

Playfully get to know 24 exciting women and their inventions from all over the world!

Do you wear glasses with extra-thin lenses? Have you ever parachuted or are you currently using WLAN? You've probably said yes at least once. But have you ever wondered who invented all these things in the first place - and why most of us don't know?

There is this wonderful phrase: Seeing is Believing - You can be, what you can see! We want children to playfully experience in their everyday lives how naturally women have invented new things and that they themselves can do the same. With this game, we show 24 exciting female inventors and pioneers who believed in themselves and their ideas and tell their stories.

Product information

✓ 50 cards

✓ 2-8 players

✓ From 4 years of age

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