Here we answer all your questions about our Skin Tones products and our impact company.

About our products

In addition to the Skin Tones Pencils, there are our Skin Tones Crayons, the "Colors for Everyone” coloring book and the "Puzzle for Diversity". All of our products are available in a German version (“Hautfarben: Buntstifte für Alle”) and in an English version (“Skin Tones: Colors for Everyone”). We also create tailor-made special editions for major customers.

Together with our customers, children, parents, and educators, we continuously develop our products. Recently we launched a new improved color palette. Next up are thick colored pencils, which are suitable for very small children. If you want to stay up to date and be the first to know about new Skin Tones products, simply subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram at @hautfarben_buntstifte.

The Skin Tones Pencils started off very small and improvised: Malte made the first copies together with his parents at the living room table and then threw them in the mailbox. Because the demand for our products has increased rapidly, we had to become more professional.
After doing a lot of research and having many discussions, we found a partner in Staedtler who manufactures our Skin Tones Pencils in the right colors and from sustainable materials in Germany. The packaging and our coloring book come from Egger, a small, ecologically oriented printing company in Bavaria. The wax crayons are manufactured by the 200-year-old traditional company Brevillier Urban & Sachs in Austria. We developed our puzzle together with Ravensburger.
The selection of our manufacturers is a process to which we devote a lot of time to ensure that the quality is right and that our sustainability criteria are met: production at certified locations in Europe, good working conditions for employees, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, and sustainable, safe and materials suitable for children.

With our products, we want to bring children closer to the value of diversity. Therefore, we recommend all products from the age of 3 years. The only exception: We recommend our Skin Tones Crayons from the age of 2 years, as they have a thick lead and are therefore easier to grip.
The products are also great food for thought for adults and artists.

Together with diversity experts and artists, we have selected 12 shades with which different skin tones can be drawn as realistically as possible. Of course, 12 shades alone can never represent the full range of human skin tones. However: Through skillful combination and mixing, our color selection enables the drawing of a large and realistic skin tone spectrum. Recommended by artists and educators!

Shipping and Payment

You can buy the Skin Tones products in our online shop at www.hautfarben.org or send up your order via info@hautfarben-buntstifte.de.

The delivery time varies depending on the order size, order volume, and destination country. If you order by 12:00 p.m. on weekdays, your goods will be packed and sent with DHL on the same day. You should therefore normally receive your goods after 2 to 3 days. Deliveries abroad can take a little longer.

If you are dissatisfied with our products, you can send them back to us unused. Just visit our returns portal and enter your order number and the email address used during the purchase. Alternatively, you can also enter the shipment number and the postal code. After the goods have arrived, we will refund you the money.

We are committed to accommodating a broad range of payment options, aiming to meet the needs of all our customers. We understand that every business follows different payment procedures. Therefore, we are happy to accept your order by invoice. Simply send us an email with your order to info@hautfarben-buntstifte.de.

Mission and Impact

"Give me the “skin tone pencil.” Many parents have been reaching for the pink crayon here for too long. That's a problem because people in our society aren't pink. Racism and discrimination start with language.

At the end of 2016, together with a friend, Malte decided to do something about the monotony in the crayon boxes and the stereotypes in raising children. The result was a set of colored pencils in 12 different, representative skin tones. With this, children can finally paint themselves and their friends as they really look. The message behind it: skin tone is not the same as pink! Each of us is unique and that's a good thing.

All surpluses from the sale of Skin Tones products flow 100% into charitable and integrative projects for diversity, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence. In this way, every purchase contributes to the long-term fight against discrimination and racism.

The Skin Tones products have received numerous awards for their innovative, lasting contribution to the unprejudiced upbringing of children and are regularly the subject of press reports.

Here is a selection of current press articles:

We welcome further coverage of our mission and products. Our team is available for interviews and/or filming.

Inquiries to: info@hautfarben-buntstifte.de