About us

A future without discrimination begins with childhood education.

Our vision is an open, unbiased society free from racism and discrimination. With the Hautfarben products, we empower children to discover the value of diversity on their own, while supporting parents and educators in raising the new generation to be diversity-conscious, without perpetuating stereotypes.

Our Mission for Societal Impact

We promote anti-racist education through products that foster unbiased thinking in early childhood education.

We raise awareness about the value of diversity, and the importance of confronting discrimination, determined to fight everyday racism.

We support nonprofit and inclusive projects for community building, tolerance, and social exchange.


Sustainability is of particular importance to us. As an impact-oriented company, we are committed to high ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards:


With our products, we contribute to diversity-conscious childhood education and support important changes toward an open, unbiased society, free from racism and discrimination. 

Eine Illustration zeigt zwei Menschengruppen als Buntstifte-Zeichnung - Eine Gruppe hält ein Banner mit der Aufschrift 'Equal Rights'

All profits from the sale of Hautfarben products are fully invested in non-profit and inclusive projects for diversity, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence. Therefore, every purchase helps sustainably fight discrimination and racism.

Fair working conditions

The selection of our production partners is a process to which we dedicate a lot of time to ensure that our social sustainability criteria is met: we value production at certified locations in Europe and good working conditions for employees.

Eine Illustration zeigt zwei Personen bei der Arbeit. Eine Person sitz am Computer. Die andere Person verpackt Buntstifte.
Eine Illustration zeigt einen Arbeiter, der mit einem Buntstift Notizen macht. Neben ihm ist eine Erdkugel und Stecker als Buntstiftzeichnung
Environmentally friendly production

We make sure that our supply chains are carbon-neutral and have no negative consequences for the environment and biodiversity. Hautfarben products are produced using 100% green energy. Additionally, all our products are vegan, meaning no animals are harmed in the production process. 

Sustainable materials

Our products are made exclusively from sustainable materials suitable for children. Our pencils are made from PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests. The coloring book, puzzle, and packaging are printed on environmentally friendly natural cardboard.

Eine Illustration zeigt ein Mädchen, welches mit Buntstiften malt. Im Hintergrund ist ein Wald und ein Holzstapel als Buntstiftzeichnung


Why the skin tones pencils are needed

The skin tone pencils and other diversity-conscious toys from Hautfarben address the societal problem of racism and discrimination in everyday life.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has made it clear that discrimination and racism, unfortunately, persist in our society, and they are not just problems of the past. For many individuals with non-white skin tones, these issues are a daily reality. This manifests in various contexts, such as encounters in public spaces, workplaces, and personal lives. Also, many children with one or more non-white parents already face discriminatory and/or racist experiences.

The roots of everyday racism are often found in our language. Discriminatory stereotypes and "labeling" are unconsciously passed on to the next generation in this way. There is still a lack of appropriate sensitization in upbringing and education in many areas.

The problem is evident when we consider the example of the pink "skin tone crayon": For a long time, a single color in our children's coloring sets was referred to as "skin tone" or "flesh color," typically a light pink shade. This term was commonly used in German and many other languages. However, this starkly contrasts with the reality of our increasingly diverse society, where it is rare for everyone in a room to have the same skin tone. Yet, by using language in this way, a norm is established that excludes many people. Many children find it difficult to realistically draw themselves, their friends, or their parents using just one crayon designated as "skin tone." It is not uncommon for them to question, at a certain age, "Am I not normal because of this?"

Alongside this societal problem, there is an individual concern that affects our customers. They refuse to accept racism and discrimination. They want to take a clear stance and actively contribute to an open society that embraces diversity as something positive. Above all, they are seeking ways to teach their children, grandchildren, or students the value of diversity and tolerance. While there are many occasions to give children gifts, meaningful and diversity-conscious gifts are rare. That's why Hautfarben products exist.

Innovation for an anti-racist childhood education 

The Skin Tones Pencils are a set of 12 different representative skin tone shades. With them, children can finally draw themselves and their friends as they truly look. The message behind it is clear: Skin tone ≠ Pink! Each one of us is unique, and that is a good thing.

Our skin tone products assist parents, educators, and teachers in promoting representation in education and breaking stereotypes. The lone pink "skin tone" pencil in conventional pencil sets fails to live up to its name. On the path to a more open society, multiple approaches are needed. With the Skin Tone Pencils, we focus on the youngest members of our society. Through our products, children can playfully discover the value of diversity.

Children are born without prejudices. However, to ensure that stereotypes are not learned early and unconsciously, the role of parents, educators, and caregivers in upbringing and sensitization is crucial. Providing discrimination-free education and nurturing a new generation is an opportunity for change. Step by step, we make an important contribution towards a more open, unbiased society.

Our customers love the Hautfarben products because they represent a meaningful gift that is also beautiful, enjoyable, and contributes to creative education. By giving these gifts, they convey an important message, and through their purchase, they make a societal contribution, as the proceeds support nonprofit projects against racism and discrimination.